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This beautiful Voluspa scented candle from the Makassar Ebony Peach series contains the scent notes: solid black ebony, ripe peaches and apple blossom and therefore belongs to the spicy scents. With a nod to 1920s design, the details are timeless and full of glamour. The glass container includes a lid and is one that you will reuse for years to come. The fragrances at Voluspa are composed of the best ingredients, where passion for botany and essential oils are essential. Voluspa uses a revolutionary wax which is the result of careful research and many tests. For Voluspa, a sustainable, ecological way of producing without harmful substances such as pesticides, sulphate is very important.

Voluspa - Makassar Ebony & Peach

Kleur: Zilver
  • Notes of Solid Black Ebony Wood, Ripe Peaches & Apple Blossom.

    Burn Time: ~45 Hours

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