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You can pay at Church of Labels in different ways:

  • iDeal

  • credit card

  • paypal


ABN AMRO Bank, BNP Paribas, PPRO, Rabobank, SNS Bank and ING

You go through the same steps as with internet banking.

Payment is simple and follows the same (strict) security requirements of your bank.

Please note: it is not possible to make a transfer to from your bank.

credit card

VISA and MasterCard

Your data is protected against access from third parties.

The invoice amount will be debited within a few days after placing the order.


PayPal is a safe and fast way to pay online without having to share your financial information. To use this, you need an account with PayPal.

Choose how you want to pay: with a credit card, your bank account or from your PayPal balance. Without extra costs.

All you need to remember is your email address and PayPal password. Your credit card number, PIN codes or other details are no longer relevant.

In addition to your data, your purchases are also protected by PayPal. So super easy and safe!


All prices of the items sold through include VAT. does its utmost to state the correct price of items in the webshop in all cases. The price in the shopping cart is always leading. Even if it differs from the price indication on other pages in the webshop. uses the order date as the purchase date on your credit card statement. randomly checks orders with high invoice amounts. We do this to continue to guarantee the security of your payment and to prevent abuse or fraud.

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