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This beautiful Voluspa scented candle from the Branche Vermeil series contains notes of silver cypress, cedar and pine needles. As a result, the scent belongs to the woody scents. The clean, burning coconut wax blend is tucked into a thick, glossy jar that creates elegant light inside. The fragrances at Voluspa are composed of the best ingredients, where passion for botany and essential oils are essential. Voluspa uses a revolutionary wax which is the result of careful research and many tests. For Voluspa, a sustainable, ecological way of producing without harmful substances such as pesticides, sulphate is very important. Each candle is stamped with a seal guaranteeing environmental friendliness and durability. This scented candle has a wick and a content of 85 grams, which ensures 25 wonderful burning hours.

Voluspa - Industry Vermeil

Kleur: Zilver
  • Notes of Silver Cypress, Cedar & Pine Needles.

    Burn Time: ~45 Hours

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