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This pair of handmade earrings with small river pearls is a Cult Edition that is inspired by the jewelry that arrived in the city of Petra in the 6th century BC. result of the confluence of cultures as special as the Mediterranean countries and India. It is the result of the classicism of the pearl and the bow with a contemporary interpretation that makes it a special design that you can wear in your day to day. 

The earring closure is butterfly type but XL size so that the earring is perfectly attached and attached to the ear.

  • natural river pearl
  • Pendant size: 4 x 4 cm
  • XL butterfly closure


  • All of our jewelery is plated in 24k gold or silver. They are unique and very special pieces, designed and manufactured in Spain and inspired by our Mediterranean culture. 

    If you want this piece to last a long time, we advise you to keep it away from corrosive agents such as perfumes, creams, chlorine or other products that can damage the initial appearance of the bathroom. In general, avoid very direct contact with water and sweat, do not use it when you bathe or play sports. To preserve its shine, clean the piece relatively frequently with a dry cotton cloth. 

    If your jewel is made of pearls, stones, silk or ceramics, take even more care of them, and do not wet them unless it is absolutely necessary to keep their color intact. 

    Finally, keep it inside its cloth bag, separate from other jewelry, in a dry and safe place.

    The rings are plated in 3 microns of gold so that they last as long as the first day, since they are more exposed to sweat and chemical products and soaps.

    If you have doubts about our sizes you can see the equivalence in the following table.

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